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The Networking Guide to African American Resources


There are two dominant images of African-Americans. One is a negative stereotype: images of crime, welfare and drugs. The other is a positive stereotype: Blacks who can sing, dance or play football, baseball or basketball. However, both are stereotypes. The stories of the vast majority of real, working African-Americans are seldom told. If these stories are to be told, we must take full responsibility for telling them.

Jerald L. Tillman


SuccessGuide, Cincinnati-Dayton & Indianapolis are hot off the press. This well-designed and informative publication is one you will be proud to own.

SuccessGuide is the most important resource the community has for finding African-American businesses and professionals – and for helping each other succeed.

In addition to the directory, SuccessGuide contains fascinating feature stories of African-American achievers. These are the people who put the heart and soul in their community.


How SuccessGuide works for you?

  • Creates a network that provides a support system for job, contacts, and professional advancement.
  • Builds a distribution system for black products and services.
  • Highlights the positive contributions and accomplishments of black professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • Enhances the self-esteem and image of black people.
  • Provides role models for black youth and success models for adults.


SuccessGuide’s directory is comprised of the following categories:

  • African-American professionals in public, private or independent sectors.
  • African-American owned businesses.
  • African-American presidents of clubs and organizations.
  • African-American health care professionals.
  • African-American elected officials.
  • African-American religious leaders.


This important network of top Black professionals and entrepreneurs has a profound impact on the community as a whole. You will be able to connect with this network through the pages of SuccessGuide,your networking guide to African-American resources.


Order your copy of the new SuccessGuide below.



Jerald L. Tillman, Publisher, SuccessGuide

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When you purchase the ebook you will create a login that you will use to login at any time to view the ebook.



When you purchase the ebook you will create a login that you will use to login at any time to view the ebook.

           Jerald Tillman

          Publisher - CEO

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